My name is Alexa and Upper West Spanish is my creation.

Certified and experienced conversational Spanish teacher.

Educational background in Biological Engineering and Statistics.

Executives and professionals trust me to immerse them into the Spanish language.

What is immersion learning?

Immersion learning works in the same way a child learns a new language without formal training. You work with a native speaker and get accustomed to hearing them in real world scenarios.

From having a coffee to presenting in a business meeting, you will quickly learn to recognize key words and phrases. With practice, you will be able to respond in real time without disrupting the flow of the conversation.

Learning is not just a task; it's an experience that requires a dedicated and welcoming teacher.

Make a real difference in each student's experience is my top priority.

From a New Yorker to you.

From the heart of Manhattan, whether you prefer the Financial District, the Upper West Side or the Upper East Side, a strong sense of community is what defines us.

Testimonials from New Yorkers

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Designed for professionals, by professionals.

Intuitive. Finely-tuned. Carefully crafted to guide you every step of the way and let you fly high when you are ready. Many years of experience give rise to innovate learning techniques that enhance the potential in you. See for yourself and you won't be going back to traditional methods.

From basics to native-like understanding, without the hassle.

Learning should be open to everyone and it's my job to make it so. Never had a Spanish class? I will guide you through the basics and help you understand context with real-world scenarios. Just had a little bit of experience before? We will refresh your knowledge and make good use of it. Already experienced? Excellent! We will have meaningful conversations and learn about Latin American culture.

Conversational skills are the focus. Leave it to me.

Language should feel natural. Wouldn't it be great if you could walk the streets of Lima, Bogotá or Buenos Aires and meet new people? The key to new cultural experiences is communication. With me, you won't be memorizing vocabulary; instead, you will acquire new skills: you will hear new words, understand them, and continue the conversation. That's the goal: To keep the conversation going.

Tailored to you and your needs.

Specific needs? I got you covered. Going back to school? Working in finance? Doing research in the medical field? Getting into the IT sector? Running a large corporation? Maybe just looking to learn something new? A special learning plan will be prepared for you with lots of personalized options. Private lessons at your own pace are your best bet to become your best version yet.


A sneak peek of what is ahead of you. A new chapter awaits.


Words to be learned naturally

Mid proficiency in less than one year


Different levels to fit your profile

Real understanding; not memorization


Advanced learners can communicate effectively

  • Academia becomes a lot bigger when you learn Spanish. Working with Alexa has enabled collaboration across institutions in different continents. Highly recommended!

    Megan Brown
    Columbia University
  • I began taking classes with Alexa to have a new useful hobby. I never thought it would end up getting me promotion. Best decision ever!

    Kate Matthews
    JPMorgan Chase Bank
  • Results speak for themselves. Being supportive with my clients demands that I understand their language. It shows you really care about them.

    Nolan Thomson
    Verloe Law Partners
  • Thanks to Alexa and her great patience, I have hugely expanded my network and I can now work hand-in-hand with teams around the world.

    Bradley Pierce
    Amazon Web Services
  • The best of the best! Alexa is truly devoted to making you feel at home with a language that seems so foreign. This is how it should have always been!

    Kendra Lancaster
    Elevate Yoga & Fitness

Are you ready to learn? I will guide you along the way. ¡Vamos!

Frequently Asked Questions

How many hours of group sessions will I have?
Generally, each group is scheduled for one weekly 2-hour session. Students who choose to have private lessons can opt for up to 3 weekly sessions, with a duration of 2-4 hours each, depending on their goals and previous experience.
Are textbooks or materials provided by the teacher to review on my own?
Each students receives a short homework assignment weekly that helps them consolidate their learning and get a preview of upcoming topics. Additionally, all materials used in class are shared with students after each session.
How many students are there in a group class? What other options are available?
You can choose between a large group (8-20 people), small group (6-12 people) or private lessons. You may choose to start right away with a private lesson or sign up to join a group when available. New groups open every two weeks.
Can I request a customized class for me and my friends?
A group looking to learn about a particular topic can schedule lessons that will be tailored to their needs, whether it’s for crucial business meetings or leisure travel.
Am I required to know a little bit of Spanish to join a group or have individual lessons?
No. You will have a chance to have a placement interview that will give the teacher enough information about your current knowledge of Spanish to find a group that is the right fit for you. If you are going for individual lessons, the teacher will tailor the class to you and provide you with accurate feedback each class about your current level to help you improve and achieve your goals.